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A Tale of Two Cities

Over the last two weeks, i did a series of guest lectures and workshops on Storytelling and Content Marketing in both Lyon and Amsterdam. I won't hide it from you: i love doing that. Most (not all of them) of the lectures were for business schools and universities . I'm Talking IDRAC, HvA, AMSIB.

I never get tired of those trips.

In general the coordinators of the International weeks do an excellent job at putting together a varied program that is both of interest for the students as the teaching staff. It's exciting to see how topics are approached by fellow lecturers, and it's even more interesting to feel changing dynamics in the interaction with your audience.

As getting to know and understanding your audience is a big deal in storytelling, i have to say that there are marked differences. "The Lyon crowds" were usually more reserved than the engagement in Amsterdam. And even in Amsterdam, there were some distinct differences between the high school students and the international business school public.

If you ask me to choose, i couldn't. It's like a father not having a preferred child, all audiences are different, once you learn to know them and get a grip on their reactions and behaviour, it's never difficult to create an upbeat atmosphere. Wouldn't miss it for the world, especially not because of the interesting international contacts you get to make.

Up to the next one, next month i'm doing the nordics.

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