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Guido Everaert

I write. And I love it. Columns, blogs, interviews, website texts or  mailings. Ocaasionally a book. For me or for someone else. The sector doesn't really matter. The person giving me the assignment does. I only work with people i like. It makes life easier. 

II tell stories and give consultancy. And I love it. About content marketing, storytelling and digital marketing. Workshops, trainings, tailormade projects and consultancy.

I speech. And I love it. Keynotes, inspirationals, panel discussions or congresses. Tell me what you need anbd we'll find the solution.

How can i help you?


"Resist the Usual"

- Raymond Rubicam -


Direct mails, blogs or columns, or even interviews. Finding that one different angle, is what it is all about.

Touching people, making them care, talking to them in a direct way, that 's my strength.  

Not all of them, that is impossible, and even undesirable. Only the right ones.

Guido Everaert, copywriting


"Content is Fire, Social Media is Gasoline"

- Jay Baer -

Content, blogs, columns, web copy.
IA well thought and executed content strategy and distribution approach can make the difference. It's what i do best. You don't have to believe me, my client list should do the trick. 

Guido Everaert, content marketeer

Doing it

"Those who can, do. The other teach."

George Bernard Shaw -


IEducating and training, its part of the job.
Workshops and trainings on effective writing, copywriting, Storytelling, content marketing or social media.
Tailormade for you or your company.
Check my references to find out more about it.

Guido Everaert trainer coach


“You can speak well if your tongue can deliver the message of your heart.”

- John Ford - 

Give me a stage, and i'll take it


I love the nervous tension. I know how to play an audience. And i can improve the way others interact with audience and media.
Speeches, presentations, and applying storytelling techniques. It's my trade. 

Guido Everaert Public Speaker

Getting to know each other doesn't cost anything, and it can be quite enjoyable. Just drop me a message. 


Marie-Josélaan, 2600 Antwerpen, Belgium


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